Thursday, April 24, 2008

VHS OR BETA and my babblely babble.

So yeah here I am late with all the news and info. I you must know I have been hard at work trying to book bands for the Afro-punk festival this summer, and it wreaking my brains. ARGH.

Point. I'm still awkward and weird. I think I'm getting more strong and uncomfortable in my skin as I grow older. I don't know what that means as of yet.

Point. I go out a lot still. It sucks cause I have home work and the lot but i suck at time management, I hope this wont pan into the festival.

Point. I point and shoot so here ya go:

I recently saw VHS OR BETA. They killed it the crowd not so much.

It was like me and two other dudes in the front row just going nuts.

I wish NY still had a soul. Its getting lost in the condo's and wealth that comes here. One day it'll bounce back like always it just has to rot the big apple to the core. And make it dangerous on the streets. These streets need the grime and filth. It equates us all to a common denominator of living as good people trying to get home at night...

Point. I also babble a lot.

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