Friday, January 23, 2009

Austrila Week in NYC!

Yes it is for real, not a joke. (I saw it on the news I swear!). Any way In honor of our down under friends I want to share with you all one of our members from down under,

Damen Samuel

Exhibiting chilling haunting vocals reminiscent of Antony of Antony and the Johnson's Damen Crafts a tapestry of musically mood wrenching mellow folk muisc. Its a kaleidoscope of emotion that just get me deep down in my widdle bits, down in the dark recesses of my mind and soul. Its the music of his soul and it's leaking out to the world.

He's a video of Damen while he was in NYC.

Also he has a new album, A Gypsy Lullaby, coming out in march so contact him to get a copy!

Damen Samuel

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