Sunday, February 22, 2009

Afro-Punk Brooklyn Based BUT Borderless Meet Up/Kick Back

These are the photo's for the event that went down. It was a dope setting. We stayed up all night long doing live feeds and eating drinking and being merry.

The group doing a little webstuff.

Ororo Monroe and Rhyson

Sonny Bombs and Saru Ookami Biby

Not A Punk and Danielainfinity

We did a grip of introductions and then got to the drinking and merriment. We also did a group writing exercise. As people entered the party I asked if they could write random sayings or words on post-it's. When a lot off people got in on it I broke out the purpose. I took a random post-its and read it out loud. We were then to do a two minute writing off the topic, then go around the room sharing what we wrote. It was fun to see what people wrote.

Rape Whistle and Brooklynfire

Saru Ookami Biby

(top row) Rape whistle, Danielainfinty, Brooklynfire, Rhyson. (Middle row) Susan, Ororo Monroe. (bottom row) Shamari rockca

Saru Ookami Biby, Danielainfinity and Rape Whistle



Bashira Webb

It was dope and I'm still up!!!!! NOWWWWWWW!!!! with no amphetamines to boot. So until next time.

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