Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cooking with Kaos - meatless Shepherds pie, YUM!!!

So I'm learning to cook for myself Yay! I stole this recipe from my friend YOLO the Poet, He made a mean version of it at a party and i had to make my own. Along with it I made a Quinoa plaif to go with it. Here are a few steps for it.


One box of random mash potato mix

One brick, lol, of meatless ground meat I used Yves for this dish

One bottle of Chief Ginger Soy Sauce

Olive oil


Cheese, I used A White cheddar with Chipolte

Milk, I used Rice Dream as a replacement


Random Vegtables for the plaif, carrots, scallions, green shit! lol.

Some pots and pans to cook and bake

and love!

Start by preparing the Mash Potato's as they describe it on the box. (Also turn on your over, you'll need it later. I set it to 350 to get set up.)

Bring the water to a boil.

Then add the follow the box on preparation. Note instead of Milk I used Rice Dream.

Next I moved on to the "meat" for my pie. It cooks the same way as ground beef or turkey based on the packaging. Just grindit up in your sauce pan on a low flame for a few minutes in some Olive Oil.

I next added the soy sauce, I wanted to jazz up the "Meat" with a ginger infused sauce.

Neither parts should take more than 10 mins to make. The next step reqires the use of an oven and baking tin so pull it out! make sure to grease (lightning) your baking tins before you start to layer your pie. I layered the pie Mash, ground "meat", then cheese and so on and so forth with mash and cheese on the top.

Once done you can set up your pie(s) in the oven.

As for the Quinoa Just follow the details on the box. Once done add in the vegetables with the Quinoa in a sauce pan and sauté.

The pie should take like 15 minutes to get done...I hope, lol. Serve hot and make your best o life.
(ps. I made it and Dint die so you wont either.)

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