Saturday, March 7, 2009

She got me for my teeth son!

So I had a mild tooth ache, and decided to go give the dentist a visit. Wrong move! Turns out I had an ancient evil brewing in my precious molders the cantankerous evil know only as A Cavity.

Yes a cavity, sure the dentist said I had nice teeth and had no appearances of A Cavity all except for the insidious bastard attacking my wisdom tooth! Yes dear reader a wisdom tooth got infected my the bastage A Cavity! I got trust back into my chair by the doctor doomed to look onward at the ceiling and soon to be bright lights of um....well dentist lights,

Clank went a metallic sound on the counter to my right where these the intruments of my savior/torment?

Argh shit man I shouldn't have looked that way. Just as I turned I got the glimpse and mind numbing pain of Novocaine getting pumped into me. My mouth went numb, naturally or well unnaturally cause I got drugged, and they went to town. and to town they did.

So after I got A Cavity and tooth removed I asked for my tooth and the dentist just laughed at me wand walked away. i should of got it at this point but I wanted to eat breakfast and get my meds before anything jumped of with my mouth. You know I don't want to surprise any of you but i think I know why she dide want to give up the tooth. It all makes sense if you think of it. Dentist get paid for pain, like an enforcer. an enforcer or fencer if you will of the main bitch her self the tooth fairy!

She cant get the teeth herself, she only get the baby teeth on her own, so she employs dentist to do her dirty deeds. The why you ask...fairy dust. Teeth are ground up into fairy dust. Thats why Tinker bell hunga round all toss kids and gave them cake. Bewared to all. A cavity can spell doom in conjunction with his bitch bride the tooth fairy! *owwwwww my stitches!*

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