Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've joined a church.....

Pastor at, Twice
Unlike R.E.M. I haven't lost my religion. I've found the light in The Ministry. The Ministry Lives that is. Created out of the mind scape of J. LeRon aka Twice is a cocoon of art and creativity. Its a place of darkness and the light of ones own mind. To better illustrate the depth of Twice's artistic vices I've asked him a few questions and here are the end results.

Kaos Blac: What compelled you to create Ministry lives, matter in fact what compels you to create in general?

Twice: The Ministry Lives is about mainstream and underground artists networking, sharing ideas and displaying our alternative media to the masses, saying "This is what I like. I know this isn't popular yet. But isn't it cool?" Secondly, being a man of action for me is innate. I think it goes hand in hand with maturity; being creative, otherwise aren't we just reactive?
What is your background what do you do beside The Ministry Lives.

I'm a tattoo Artist, and well, for the past two years I've worked alongside Boss Models. They are so cool, I took my first trip to Paris and London with one of my bookers. Modeling segued into film and art direction, I seem to always find myself getting paid to be creative.

Photo by Jose Duran
Don't we all wish we could get paid for being ourselves with a sense of maturity. One of the many features on is the Nevermore project. Tell me about the Nevermore project.

I'm working with a lot of new materials like plexi-glass and found objects, but to be candid: I started taking Tai Chi a year ago and what you begin to see is more or less what I've been learning. That is- (Laughs) Are you ready? "Practice focusing your thoughts, actions and senses to the present moment. To be "present" is a strategy of escaping our minds. Because our minds are usually either revisiting the past or attempting to predict or asses the future, never really seeing opportunity right in front of us. The quality of my thoughts and attitude right now is what shapes the future- which, of course, is really RIGHT NOW." ...Its revelatory.
Ideas can have that weight of revolution with in ones head. I would like to ask you about your mission statement its a bit complex. Can you explain to me these excerpts of your mission statement " The Ministry is about Subcultures, youth, and reflects on the alternative." "Subjective Truth with subversive beauty".

Young people I think, always find something unique and own it, use it to reinvent themselves. They aren't afraid to be different. Subversive beauty is what "the few" may regard as beautiful. Subjective truth is by definition what "one" believes. Maybe good music, film, dance, and/or art, like life, makes us see things again. But for the first time, in a new way like young people do...I have a new era in my brain.

So along with all the art physical and metaphysical there is more to the site. There are clothes designed by Twice. I myself wouldn't mind this hoodie with tuxedo tails. (Although I drew something similar to it in high school i'm not going to get all antsy that I didn't get to make it, I swear I'm in the same boat with Katy Lee Gifford and the creation of spanks. It going to take off and I'll be doing the fourth hour of the today show, ha ha). Par my ranting I continue. Twice what goes into the design process of the clothing that is presented on the site.

Shopping and not finding the shit that I like.It's like your finding you're favorite song in a way, I think. When you find the right clothes for you they kinda feel like they should have always existed.

Ah but exist they do on check them out and drop Twice a line.

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