Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sir Ben Marx is a different kind of pop star in the making. He ad mits he does pop and he wants to share his muisc to the world. "Restart" is a is the single of his latest London based release I have a clip of it for you but be fore That I took the time to get up with the kind sir.

Kaos Blac: Who are you, also who are you as an artist to the world?

Sir Ben Marx: I am Marc Benjamin, Ms.LP's 7th child but to world I am known as SIR BEN MARX aka SBX.

Kaos Blac: Cool beans, so explain to me what you describe your music as ?

Sire Ben Marx: I have this HIPHOPOPUNKROCK phase I like to use, which is a mixture of a lot popular styles - my music is artsy, emotional and always honest.

Kaos Blac: So you been touring a lot and this new video is off a release you are doing for a foreign market how do think you'll be accepted when your music makes a bigger splash in the states?

Sir Ben Marx: I dont think about that too much, I just focus on my goals executing them 1 by 1 but I guess I will be accepted or un-accepted like any US/UK artist. Some will love the heaven out of me others will pass.

Kaos Blac: Whats the concept behind the new album, and the video?

Sir Ben Marx: The video "RESTART HEART" actually is a side project I worked on and may be on the new album. In the video I will play a android, rediscovering values, emotions and memories of past events-lots of cool effects and imagery, can not wait til it's finished! So whats the concept behind the new album? Singles! Pop music at it's best (popular music)we are really hoping to connect on a large scale and get a great single(s) from it so I can finally get on with it...my super stardom that is.

I also have a few exclusive tracks for ya'll so check them out,



Helen said...

I cannot wait to see the whole RESTART HEART video!! You are so amazing.
Your art will find its way to the masses because all you've got is good energy.

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The album is simultaneously soulful & futuristic