Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are you a maroon

You just might be one if your rocking these dope ponchos from 21 MC aka The 21st century Maroon colony. They are an art and design collective based up on the concepts of the African diaspora, or in there terms they represent, "the Afro-Triangle and the 2/3s world." Its not just a flashy flash in the pan idea behind what they are doing they have a three pronged model of business,

"we employ a Think-Tank, Make-Tank, Break-Tank approach-
initiating and executing interactive design projects, developing and designing conceptual textiles & design objects, and distributing physical/digital information & goods.
1. Live from the 1st World, 21X serves as the interactive think-tank and Collaboration Studio of The 21st Century Maroon Colony which specializes in visual language and identity direction & development, creative direction, art direction, graphic design, illustration, custom typography, commissioned artist installations and the like.
2. Live from the Afro-Triangle, 21MC serves as the make-tank of The 21st Century Maroons Colony, which aims to produce Tropical Wear garments, and functional goods for the Maroon Colonies of the 21st century. The rhythms, patterns, textures, and colors of Africa and Her diaspora, passed on to us by our ancestors, inform the way we create and the way we wear ourselves on the streets. Each garment collection 21MC brings forth tells of the rebellions on the plantations, and survival in the belly of the beast (the “1st” World).
3. Live from the Worldtown, 21Biz serves as the break-tank of The 21st Century Maroon Colony. Born from a collaboration between 21MC and maverick indie music company, Rxlngr, the online distribution division focuses on providing the Maroon Colonies of the 21st century with the tools necessary for the destruction of modern perceptions."

There line of tee's are a radiant mix of culture and,

- Jihaari: Callallo Checks tee. Miriam: Sportin’ Waves tee and 21 Colors dookie rope necklace.

- Crystal: Callaloo Checks boat neck and Nat Turner scarf. Eleazar: Safari Dimebag tee.

- Jihaari: Warrior Jack tee and Dessaline scarf.

Their current line consist of geometric composed faces representing Gods,

-Ethno-Digital Gods Series / Baron Samedi: "Baron Samedi-
Also known as Baron Saturday, Baron Samedi runs the underworld. He mocks the rich and laughs at taboos. He is often scene wearing cotton or cigarettes in his nostrils because it is his belief that the living stink."

-Ethno-Digital Gods Series / Ogun [BC*]

- Ethno-Digital Gods Series / Erzulie [BC*]

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