Saturday, August 15, 2009

Behind the lens...Dwayne C. White

I love good photography, its a fact. Nothing captures the moment better than a still image and can mean so much to so many. I want to take some time to share with you the work and words of one of my favorite photographers who I have come across, Dwayne C. White.

Kaos Blac: Whats your background, who are you?

- Dwayne C. White: While I was cutting a watermelon at work, I noticed this after slicing one end off.

- Dwayne C. White: Took about 40 shots before settling to that I liked.

- Dwyane C. White: Planted this myself. Took this shot, on a whim.

Dwayne C. White: I am Dwayne C. White and I was born and raised in Milwaukee,WI. I lived in Atlanta for over twelve years and I now reside in Milwaukee again. A few words to describe me would be creative,spiritual and part time smart-ass.

- Dwayne C. White: I feel this way sometimes...half way screwed...half screwed in...half unscrewed....

- Dwayne C White: old totem pole behind my old middle school

Kaos Blac: How or why more rather did you start taking photos, what interested you in the art form?

Dwayne C. White: Prior to the last year,I took photographs during two periods in my life,when I was thirteen and again at twenty-one. I liked photography a lot but I obviously did not stick with it. A year ago,I wanted to have a creative outlet again. I did not want work to consume my life. Another reason would be that creativity plays a strong role in my life. There are so many ways to apply creativity. Why not take some time to find out?

Kaos Blac: What catches your eye and makes a good subject?

Dwayne C. White: I am an observant person. I constantly scan any given area for patterns,designs or things that seem unusually out of place or things that stand out where they are. When I photograph people,which is not very often,I prefer to let spontaneity take over. I want to photograph them as they are at any given moment.

- A brief discussion on this piece between Muthawit of Urbalt and Dwayne C. White,

"Muthawit: Very interesting tension between the diagonals and curved elements. What is the wooden structure? A sign with the cover off perhaps? That looks like some light housings inside of it."

"Dwayne C. White: Yeah it is an old iron and wood sign.It is near these abandoned building by the river. Right now it represents forty-five empty acres along the river."

Kaos Blac: What kind of equipment do you use?

Dwayne C. White: When I bought my cameras,a Fuji S8100fd,S5700 and Z100fd,I bought them knowing that they were inferior to many cameras out there. I wanted to know what I could do with them,within their limitations. Just because they are inferior to other cameras does not mean that I get photographs that are inferior because of what kind of camera I use. I will eventually get a really good camera though. The temptation is too great not to.

Kaos Blac: Where do you present your photos, online, gallery ect.

Some of photos can be seen online at UrbAlt

and bought at

I usually carry my smaller camera with me and tweet what I call Around My Way Shot Of The Day at

They are hashmarked with #shotoftheday.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for recognizing one of many positive africian american men. Nashville, TN

Kaos Blac said...

No problem. If we dont do for ourselves who would.