Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eye of the Creator with...Mudi Chris Eghweree

If you been paying attention to the side of this very blog I've been adding links to some of my favorite creative types with little picture icons. Pictures convey a lot style, creativity, emotion. One picture link is to the blog It features the exploits of creation of two UK artist. I finally got around to chat with one of them, Mudi Chris Eghweree, and discuss his craft.

Kaos Blac: So who are you? Tell me about yourself.

Mudi Chris Eghweree: I'm Mudi Chris Eghweree, I'm 22, I live in London, I'm an Illustrator, Photographer, I have a mild sneaker obsession LOL, I skateboard, and I study Graphic Design at The University Of Creative Arts in Kent.

Kaos Blac: What kinda of art you make?

- David Bowie

- Farris Rotter

Mudi Chris Eghweree: Artist hahahaha! I've never been called one of those before LOL I just draw as a means to express things that are on my mind, or stuff thats bothers me. I pull inspiration from experiences I go through and people around me, skateboarding (Gotta love the skateboarding lol) and a huge! influence from music. I sometimes use music lyrics in some aspects of my work to convay what sort of mood I was in at that time; as an on looker, you would think it just a random phrase or just some random bull shit... but it actually means something to me.... I think thats the reason why I sometimes find it REALLY! hard to sell or give my work away... I just become way too attacted to it... I should learn to let go, I'll earn more money that way LOL

Kaos Blac: What drew you to the art form.

Mudi Chris Eghweree: I was drawn to Art a few years back. I didnt really have that much interest in art or drawing when I was in school.. hmmm! I felt pretty lost at that point in my life, didnt know what to do with myself, Untill one time at school I had pissed my Art tutor off for sneaking out of his class LOL (I was a little bastard lol) he took me aside and said I had the portentual to go far if I just gave drawing a chance, I did and never looked back. Just after leaving school, I spent that whole summer drawing, messing around with stencils and making home made t-shirts with spraypaint, trying to create my own t-shirt lable LOL but that dream phased out after a while LOL.. they were pretty shirt tee's come to think of it HAHAHAAH! I then did a Graphic Design course at college, and decided to progress with Graphics through to Uni.

Kaos Blac: Where can people find more of your art?

Mudi Chris Eghweree: You can find my illustrations and drawings at...

My photography at...

And finally!... my bloggs and random shit @


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