Friday, August 7, 2009

Who is Jaimz Deen...Who is Jesse Strange

I often wonder about the people who inhabit my universe, where did they come from, rocketed from some far off dieing planet, or bitten by a radioactive spider, or from the far future of metropolis where its illegal for android's to love humans. In the case of Jaimz Deen I did a little Daily planet leg work and got an interview with the intrepied and mystrious Jaimz Deen. I wanted to get to the bottom of who he is and who is this Jesse Strange guy, maybe a relative of Dr. Stephan Strange...maybe not but read to find out.

Kaos Blac: Who is Jaimz Deen...Who is Jesse Strange.

Jaimz Deen: Jaimz Deen is anti hero. He's trying to save millions of people, while lost in his own internal battle Royal. Living in damn near Martial Law can insight some pretty crazy behavior out of people, this is another influence that makes Jaimz who he is. He was raised in the Philadelphia City Foster Care System, and named Jesse James Deen. "Jesse Strange" is a nickname of sorts, something he was called by the
other children. It wasn't name given to him out of love, let's just say that.

Kaos Blac: Why do either make music?

Jaimz Deen: Jesse becomes Jaimz, and he is bent on inspiring change in the New Municipality of Philadelphia. Jaimz finds that his voice is his strongest weapon, so he uses it to make noise, which spreads everywhere. He makes music because he loves to, yet; he feels as if he must.

Kaos Blac: So what is this Crisis you keep talking about and does it have to do with the Crisis of the multiple Crisis's of DC comics universe or is it something more internal?

Jaimz Deen: The Crisis Is Now... It is something that we all feel one time or another. It looms over life like a dark cloud, its something in all our lives that we must face...

The Crisis, as an album is a story of many Crisis, and told through the eyes and the life of one unique person. Its the story of a city locked in the head of the surreal dream of a boy, who is now a man. He's has to find answers to the issues in his life, and has to make choices to see if it will take him to his ultimate question: "Who Am I?"

Kaos Blac: Is the music more than music?

Jaimz Deen: Yes, the music is more than just that. Its epically sonic pop drama, something you can piece together. Its by no means the reinvention of the wheel, but it is more than sound, it a battle cry to our generation!

Kaos Blac: Why the gumby?

Jaimz Deen: It came naturally. Jaimz is expressive and when he wants to change the way he looks, he starts with his hair. This particular cut was very popular during the notorious Drug Wars. Who knows what Jaimz will do next, I'm sure it will top the "gumby"!

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