Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eye of the Creator...Devin KKenny

Renissance man Devin KKenny does more in a day than most people do in a full week. From his blistering hot career as a music artist to his visual art Devin is all over the place. I took some time to interview Devin (yes he found time for an interview in his schedule) to find out how he does it all.

Kaos Blac: So who are you, what do you do?

Devin KKenny: I am Devin Kenny, I have a middle initial which is K. When making cultural products involving music, I'm Devin KKenny, and when making cultural products utilized as jewelry I'm Ellsworth R. Kelly. I explore the space between discourse and celebration.

Kaos Blac: So you make music, art, and what everelse you find to be a creative outlet, how do you mangae to keep it all in balance?

Devin KKenny: It's easy to keep it balanced when you take into account what resources go into each project, particularly if those resources aren't always available. For instance, playing shows requires a connection to a booker or a venue, which is often difficult to acquire, making those type of ventures more sporadic, whereas making songs for me requires only a room and my computer. In my art practice (of which music is a component) I often need some means of researching, which is easily available via the internet or a public library. I'm also "ragingly unemployed" for the next few moments, so that makes things a bit more whimsical than they usually are.

Kaos Blac: Whats next on your agenda, any show or openings?

Devin KKenny: I'm DJing with my friend Brenmar of the band These Are Powers Sept. 12th at Wreck Room , and I'm on the grind sending proposals for art shows/performances as we speak. Also, I'm working on a concept album about a thug/bike messenger called Chainz Problematic, and releasing a non-linear collection of images and texts and songs called Ancient Juliana: the flower that shattered rock and working on finding a venue for a performance in regards to that piece.
Devin KKenny at "Club Love" in Skowhegan, ME

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