Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interview with Yinka of Sabatta

I just have word from a reliable source that the British Rock group SABATTA are in the studio and have a few new tracks on the way, well not reliable but a definite fact, I spoke to the lead singer Yanika.

Kaos: Whats up bro.

Yinka: Yes, yes! I'm good! we got a bunch of new tunes coming up one is called HMP London...

Kaos: Sounds intesting. What does HMP mean?

Yinka: HMP means HER MAJESTY's PRISON whcih is what the put in frotn of all prisons. Basically there have been a few high profile stabbings of late - like some dude got stabbed on Oxford Street, which is the big shopping street, so the powers that be a going nuts.

Kaos: Wow...

Yinka: So now they wanna do that zero tolernace shit and they are putting up those airport gates aroudn where I live - it's LOCK DOWN! I got searched (I did a blod on my myspace about it) and that was before the latest one. It's not cool cos the DO discrimiate - HEAVY! There's a bunch of shit going down - you know how u started getting gangs out in NYC - I saw some dude flagging out here the other day. A lot of crack too.

Kaos: Yeah I been hearing a lot about that and also the dubstep scene.

Yinka: Yeah just got invited to some dupstep thing recently. I'll prob see wassup.

Kaos: Yeah I know its rough out there. I have family that say bloks are useing chloroform on people to snatch purses. You should hit up my friend Jaimz deen, he on my top friend on myspace,, hes basically forming his album about a laws, that are similer in nature, that could take place in philly and create zones.

Yinka: I'll hit him up for sure! I mean I've had police tell he to shut up or they'll plant shit on my before - it just gets old. -

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