Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh Brontez

- Brontez Pernell

I love this dude he's just so...himself. He's an openly gay, dirty punk, drug coping Black ball of fun. The things that just pop out of his mouth are just crazy, no pun intended. Its refreshing to meet people like him and just LOL. He's from cali and his in various bands including but not only limited to Gravy train

- Brontez and Gravy train at the highline ballroom. It was a hot sweaty fun show. I got to meet Brontez after the show too! He's cool beans

This is the latest video for his side project, Younger Lovers.
and here's a brief glimpse of one of his DIY shows
He is also a avid writer crafting his zine Fag School. Here's a brief description of the zine,
"A radical scratchy fag zine devoted to punk rock, boning on the first date, smashing the state, arty porn, dancing at shows, drinking in bushes, fucking in bushes, skateboarding, pink everything, interracial everything, yoga-bunnyism, carbs, sex with strangers, slut pride, and other related interests. Not exactly a smut zine, but a lot of sex talk and some dirty pictures." - last
And a little reading from an issue by Brontez himself.

Hilarious. I love this dude he's just free with it. No matter what he does he remains true to himself.
Did I also mention he's a DJ. Check out his DJ night at:

please support brontez's band THE YOUNGER LOVERS on their west coast tour: NOV 8 PORTLAND @ dekum manor NOV 9 SEATTLE @ montessori house NOV 10 OLYMPIA @ state st. house NOV 12 SAN FRANCISCO @ the knockout NOV 13 LOS ANGELES @ the smell NOV 14 OAKLAND @ brontez's house for more info:

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