Sunday, November 22, 2009

Notes from the Underground.....Of Love

Eternal, Love, حب

حبيبي (My Love)

Habiby, my love,

You put me at ease

Your words seduce my very essence

I am weak for you

Habiby, my love…

Give me strength,

So as to embrace your lexis upon my tongue

I am weak for you and therefore cannot speak

Habiby, my love

I gaze within mesmeric mahogany eyes,


My thoughts are all I have,

All I had…

Habiby, my love…

I fantasize of charming affection


Holistically handsome


My scenic scenery


I am weak for you

Habiby, my love

May I swim within your seamless skin?

Nestle amid raven black whiskers?

I am yours…

Selfless, I am


Yesterday you found me crying harmoniously

Once saline tears now flow as honey streams down cheeks that craft impassioned chronicles with your lips

My love,

Let me ingest your breaths perfume,

Solely so you can breathe within me…

Live within me…


Let us create lives upon lives within one another

My love,

Let us create a love evermore

- Azza Gallab (c)

Azza Gallab is a Sudanese Nomad, who trek's the globe...Currently she is located in Brooklyn, NY. She Models and acts as well as writes on her blog THE Azza
"It's Azza!"

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