Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Music to my ears....The Slack Republic

As we end the year look back at a lost musical gem the unreleased, till now, Slack Republic album.

"Recorded in the early winter of 2006, these 9 songs are part of the final and incomplete works of The Slack Republic. The best possible effort was made to compile these songs into the closest representation of the album they were written for.

Inspired by the legend of the Ottoman Empire, believed to have ruled the Eastern Mediterranean from 1299 - 1922, The Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire was conceived and written to reflect of the current state of the times (circa 2005).

Juxtaposing references to one of the largest and longest lasting empires in documented history with references to modern day socio-political issues such as health care, politics and war, The Slack Republic attempted to draw the parallels that would reveal that we too, are an empire.

Then taking things just a step further they zoom in their sights, exploring the issues of labor, romance and death on an interpersonal level, further uncovering that no man is an empire... not a successful empire anyhow.

And so the story goes... from 1299 - 1922 and onto early 2007, when this band, like every other great empire known to man, fell." - Mec Jagger

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