Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feminist Women's Health Center

My dear friend Yolo has a goal to make wont you help,

"I am VERY Very excited and honored to announce that I've been chosen by the Feminist Women's Health Center to receive their 2010 "Creative Leadership Award" for my activist and artistic endeavors!!

Feminist Women's health center offers low cost reproductive health care to women of all races, ages and abilities. They offer a trans health initiative, reproductive medicine, GYN, Abortion care and so much more. I've had the opportunity to work with the women of Feminist Women's Health Center in the past and I have alot of respect for the great work the center and clinic does day to day.

I will be receiving this award at their annual "Stand Up For Reproductive Justice Gala" January 22nd at the Twelve Hotel at Atlantic Station! For more info on the event or to attend, click below:

For all my friends and community members, if you are able to attend, I would LOVE To see you there!!!

If you are not able to attend there is one other way you can show support for the Feminist Womens health center in these trying times!!

I would like raise $2500 for Feminist! 2,000 has already been generously donated, so all I need is 500.00!!

If I CAN GET 100 PEOPLE to give just 5.00, it would be a small way you could show your support for Reproductive Health Care and support the great work of Feminist Women's Health Center!!" - Yolo Akili

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