Saturday, February 13, 2010

Artist to watch...Lower Frequencies

You may not know him but you probaly seen or heard him if you ever been to any NYC venues. Samuel "Lower Frequencies" Fernandez is his name and playing Bass is his game. Formally of the band Millsted, Lower Frequencies has kept himself busy playing with various NY outfits including Muthawit and finding time to form a new super group with members formally of Chewing pics to form the new group Galaxy of Tar.

I ran ito him on in the subway so I cornered him in a subway car to get the low down on what happening in the lower end of the scale.

Kaos Blac: So how are you?

Lower Frequencies: I'm ok. Just coming from Brooklyn...was rehearsing with the band.

Kaos Blac: What new band?

Lower Frequencies: Galaxy of Tar. Its me on bass along with Naima and Elias of chewing pics.

- Elias, left, Naima, right

Kaos Blac: Yeah I heard they broke up. Any thoughts of a Millsted Come back?

- Lower Frequencies at far right.

Lower Frequencies: No, not really.

Kaos Blac: So whats the new group dynamics like?

Lower Frequencies: Were building chemistry, tis not taking long to build a relationship. Oh our guitarist is from Serbia, his name is Nemanja.

Koas Blac: So what else are you doing?

- Lower Frequencies at far left corner.

Lower Frequencies: Working on sise projects but they are currently on hold. Have you been getting my emails about the shows?
Kaos Blac: shows?

Lower Frequencies: With Galaxy of Tar, we just had one at Trash Bar.

Kaos Blac: Oh those I dont check my email, (at this point guilt set in and I tried to wrap things up)

We chit chatted for a bit longer till I got off but not before he expressed that he has a lot to be looking forward to in the next few weeks and "It should be fun". Fun indeed dear sir fun indeed.

- Lower Frequencies

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