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Eye of The Creator....Trebs

They saw dreams are what you make of them, or some sage old proverb that would make sense but I digress, the dreaming mind is what spurs our lives. With out dreams we are stagnant and dull. The creator known as Trebs took hold of his dreams and allows them to carry him where they may. This art, drawing and video, and music, these are apart of his dreaming state personified.

Kaos Blac: Who are you and where do you come from.

My name is Trebs. I am a 22 year old male, part African American, part Cuban, part Dominican.

Kaos Blac: You say in a description of yourself that you are, "a multimedia artist that works in the mediums of graphic design, visual art, film, writing, and music. All call these my four elements of creativity. By tapping into the infinite power of the creative source I produce compelling and original work...", why are these element so key to what you do as a person, as a artist.

Trebs: When I finished high school I suddenly found myself lost! I had no idea what I was going to do with my life or where I was going to go. I had no specific guide at that moment. I spent 3 years in community college trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Within those three years I began to formulate plans.

Life’s Direction II

Illustrator/Vector Work
Adobe Illustrator CS3

I already had dreams of an art career so I began to make this my calling. I decided that I would follow my creative dreams no matter what happens. It was from that point on that I began to create my life as it went along.

Kaos Blac: Also I have this quote for you, of well yourself,

"Daydreaming! One of my favorite pastimes haha! The painting above was created from daydreams and designs that filled my head as well as the pages of my sketch book. This is the first painting I've ever created and it really represents a lot about myself as a person. This was really more of an experiment with color! Pure visual stimulation!" - Trebs

Point one why do you think day dreaming is so key to you. Do you think we should all day dream more? Point two What does the aforementioned painting represent of you in the visual language of your self.

Point One:
I think daydreaming is key because it allows my creativity to run free! When I daydream my mind is set loose from the constant mundane tasks of everyday life. I begin to think of amazing patterns and designs, creative ideas that I can utilizes in my art and everyday life. Daydreaming builds and intensifies my creative flow.

Untitled 090508
Daydream Series

Ink Pens
On Illustration Board

Point Two:
The daydream paintings are how I see the my life. They are a way for me to express my emotions. The first painting had 3 similar characters in a sinister appearance facing a character who looked sad. I connect myself to that sad character and how I how ridiculed in middle and high school for being black while everyone else seemed to be white. The sinister looking characters represented the other people and reason there were three of those characters was because I was trying to show that they looked and acted the same while I was unique. But in the end the audience will look at the paintings and create their own story and that is what want people to do so I always leave the title untitled.

Untitled 011509
Daydream Series

Gouache Paint, Acrylic Paint, Ink Pens
On Illustration Board

I think we should all daydream more. When we daydream it is our inner child or inner light calling to us. It is our mind carrying out fantasies that may or may not think are possible. As we daydream we are suddenly cut off from the physical world and jump into our mind universe which is why a person who is daydreaming stares off into space for a few moments. Daydreaming frees us if only for an instance.

Kaos Blac: Tell me about your Faces of Hip Hop project.

Trebs: The Faces Of Hip Hop project is a series of portraits that I created. The portraits are of various contemporary emcees, mostly in the underground hip hop scene, which I believe truly respect, practice, and display the art of hip hop music. With these portraits that I draw from photo references I also film simultaneously and produce a video showing the not only the finished piece but the process of the art itself. This is an on going series that I hope many will enjoy.

Blue Scholars Portrait I

Drawing & Illustration
Traditional Drawing And Sketching Pencils
On Bristol Board

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