Saturday, February 20, 2010

Off the Reigns...

As you all know when I speak people listen so I got a chance to question some royalty via twitter, mainly Mike Mills of the band California King. I wanted to catch up with him and talk about the up coming album and such, and whats up with the pants.

KaosBlac: So how many tracks are you working on for the new album?

Mike Mills: We are six songs into the new album.

Kaos Blac: Do you feel its any diff than making the 1st album?

Mike Mills: It's totally different doing this record because i'm making it with the guys instead of by my self.

The guys being Howard Alper on Drums and Yohanne Potico on Bass.

Kaos Blac: Planning any big shows?

Mike Mills: No big show yet, but we gots a trick or two up our collective sleeves... how you.

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