Monday, March 29, 2010

Comparative ananlysis

Recently Erykah Badu came out with a video piece for her latest single entitled "Window Seat" The video starts off with Erykah pulling up to a curb in a car, I later realized this was Dallas TX, as a sound clip from the day of JFK's assasination crackles "the president's car is now turning on to elms street and it will only be a matter of time..." Erykah Gets out of the car and proceeds to walk the streets of dallas as she strips bare until she is *spoiler* shot dead with a gun fire sound effect on the spot where JFK was assassinated himself. The comparison of this piece is thematically Matt and Kim's "Lesson's Learned" video where the couple appear in times sq and proceed to also get in the buff. Erykah says she got the idea from the Matt and Kim video. I say it's more than than. Both are artist getting nude but its more than that. The purpose to for both are a visual rebellion through nudity against censorship. 

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