Sunday, May 30, 2010


From the mind of Joseph Xavier - Mack comes:
" A play a man can see!"

BlackBoy CONSCIOUS is a wanted felon. He was once a prisoner of war and has broken free. Not considered a threat, his elite captors did not chase him. Then suddenly! He began to interrupt local church assemblies and school programs to share what he’d found- himself. Word spread fast and BlackBoy instantly became a legend until the elites learned of this. Aware of his power, his captors organized material through the magic of television and film to turn you against him. A bounty has been placed over his head and now BlackBoy must plea for his life.

NOW your traditional broadcasting has just been interrupted by a webcam image of an 18 year black boy with braids and a bandanna over his eye. What will he say? ...

Using the beautiful sounds of spoken word rap and folk style chanting, we take the journey with Black-Boy as we see a young confused yet aspiring adolescent to a man with a complicated past, much wisdom and many enemies.

Show dates: July 21-25 @ 7pm
Location: Producers' Club Theaters 358 W 44th Street York,NY 10036

General Admission: $20.00/person group rates and student discounts available


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