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Artist to watch...Bry'Nt

- Photo by Tarrice Love
When you think of hip-hop the first things that come to mind are what, guys with chains flaunting money talking about bitches and hoes in response to the imagery of the females. You think of ah, "video hoes", "real nigga" shit, oh and my favorite line, "No homo". Yet for all of these tenets you wouldn't think there would be a well homosexual rapper. You thought wrong. Enter Bry'Nt one of the most electrifying young hip hop artist on the east coast and guess what he's into guys. Bry'Nt is a hip-hop artist who isn't afraid to be himself no matter what contemporary hip-hop culture dictates for its artist.

Bry'Nt has been making music for quite some time now, at first it was as a member of the group Third Degree. Upon feeling the need to be free with his sexuality and deal with the internal conflict and external conflicts of doing so Bry'Nt stepped out on his own, he was only 15 and ready for what awaited him him his journey's forth i to the unknown. Bry'Nt wants to show homosexuality in a positive light in respects to Hip-hop “rainbow-friendly” is a term he coined to describe his music. He wants to show that as an artist you shouldn't be defined by your sexuality or background, but by the music they make and impact they make on others.

Bry'Nt isnt just a pretty boy rapper he also is an actor, not to be tongue and cheek but which Hip-hop isn't it appart of the package deal nowadays. He plays the role of Omar in "Finding Me: Truth", the indie sequel to the cult hit indie movie "Finding Me", these series of films deal with the internal struggles of finding out who you are and finding acceptance in your state of being. The film comes out this summer coincidentally Bry'Nt has his first EP coming out around the same time, "Bry'Nt Park." Following on the heels of his previous mixtape releases "Porn Star" (2008), and its follow up "Porn Star II: The Director's Cut" (2009) this will be a huge summer for Bry'nt and his career. I got to ask Bry'Nt a few questions regarding his career and his summer projects.

Kaos Blac: First off Bry'Nt, how do you identify yourself? Gay, bisexual, queer, etc.?
- Photo by Michael Webber
Bry'Nt: I am a homosexual.

Kaos Blac: Since you began your artistic career what has been your driving force to
continue making music.

Bry'Nt: I enjoy the feeling I get when I make music; when I create songs it feels as if this is what I was meant to do. I also enjoy the feeling I get when other people appreciate my music. That keeps me wanting to do it more.

Kaos Blac: Who is your main audience, what is the demographic of your shows.

- Bry'Nt at Sin City - A Triple Shot Of Exstacy at The Tangent Gallery,
Detroit Black Pride 2008

Bry'Nt: My main audience is gay Black and Latino men.

Kaos Blac: How do peoples of other back grounds, outside of your fan base, respond to you?

Bry'Nt: I've had white people tell me they enjoy the music as well. Hip-hop is a pretty universal genre of music nowadays already.

Kaos Blac: Do you feel that in the changing market of music that a queer artist
making hip-hop can sustain and build a fanbase?

- Bry'Nt signing a poster at the Emerald City (Mixtape Live Vol.1) event, photo by Dex Star G

Bry'Nt: Absolutely, there are queer artists that have already managed to do so in other genres of music since the disco era if you look at people like the late Sylvester, Elton John, George Micheal, Melissa Etheridge, and RuPaul. Hip-hop just has some catching up to do.

Kaos Blac: So as a forerunner in the current genesis of "Homo-Hop" do you feel any pressure to be one way or another in the type of music you make, for instance do you feel you can just spit your lyrics or do you have to play towards any queer/ gay themes musical stylings.

- Photo of Bry'Nt as a apart of The NOH8 Campaign, photo by Adam Bouska

Bry'Nt: I do feel a responsibility to make music that is for gay people, about our issues, our lives. Gay people are without an openly gay hip-hop figure. Do I feel obligated, no. It's just what I've always wanted to do.

Kaos Blac: If a major label approached you to sign with them but stipulated you had to keep your sexuality concealed would you still go forth with the deal in order to get your music out there.

Bry'Nt: It depends. All it takes is a Google search and you'd find out I was gay. They'd be foolish to try and keep something like that concealed, and knowing me, it wouldn't be long before I'd let the cat out of the bag.

Kaos Blac: Tell me about your upcoming album release.

- Teaser poster for the album, photo by Tarrice Love

Bry'Nt: My album is called "Bry'Nt Park" named after the famous Bryant Park in New York City. It has club driven production combined with real life allegories about my experience with love and relationships.

Kaos Blac: I know you are also in the independent movie Finding Me Truth, tell me
about your role in the project as whole.

- Bry'Nt, Bottom right corner, along with cast of "Finding Me: Truth", photo by Josh DeHonney

Bry'Nt: In the film "Finding Me: Truth" I play the supporting role of Omar. He is a very hot-headed character, definitely an antagonist in the film. I'm not certain if Omar will be a character that audiences grow to love necessarily, but he definitely makes the plot interesting.

Kaos Blac: Characteristically do you think Omar and you are alike?

- Bry'Nt as Omar, far right in promo for "Finding Me: Truth", photo by Guillermo Cano

Bry'Nt: I created Omar, so essentially I am pieces of Omar. Are we alike? Sometimes. I'm probably nicer than Omar.

Personally I cant wait for either project to come out for more on Bry'nt. This looks like this could be his summer to make moves and make an impact on culture. For more on Bry'Nt check out his twitter,, and his mysapce fan page, Check out Bry'Nt live videos at .

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