Saturday, July 31, 2010

Artist to watch....Infesticons

Who are the Infesticons? Are they an the descendants of Alien robotic who crash landed a millennia ago on earth only to awaken and continue there ageless battle against there sworn enemy? Eh....well maybe. Headed by music maven Mike Ladd the Infesticons are "the good-meaning-good guys". They are a rallied troop gathered Mike to combat the oppressive forces of the Majesticons who are "jiggy automatons intent on robbing the world of reality". As of now the list of infecticons reads like a underground music artillery featuring El-P of Company Flow, the Anti-Pop Consortium, Saul Williams, the Sonic Sum crew and still as of yet to be announced cohorts.

Mike Ladd has been in the game for some time now, his first self release was "Vernacular Homicide" (1996) he's been creating ever since. Fast forward to the now and the Infesticons are his main agenda. Bedford park is the latest out put from Mike Ladd and the Infesticons its the third and final chapter to his Infestiocons trilogy.

" “Bedford Park” sees the remnants of the Infesticons' marching band emerge from a bunker to find out that not only is the war with the Majesticons over, but no one can even remember who either side are. With various guests including Saul Williams, Creature, Juice Aleem and Seraphim (of No Surrender), Ladd fashions a ragged punk-blues noise for this strange, beautiful and funny coda, a sound which has already been described as “Dinosaur Jr by Black people.”

The Infesticons project began in the year 2000 with the release of “Gun Hill Road,” a moment-defining explosion from the New York Underground scene featuring Company Flow, Anti-Pop Consortium, Saul Williams and plenty more. It was followed in 2003 by the Majesticons’ rejoinder, “Beauty Party,” which one of Mike’s alter-egos described as “hearing irony die in a whole new way” (a prophetic reference to ths hipster rap scene which would follow). Now, the shell-shocked remnants of the Infesticons return for one last hurrah. A short, sharp blast of an album, which combines every ounce of Ladd’s trademark intelligence, humour and questioning with the most violent and carefree music he’s ever made."- Big Dada Recordings

This is an epic of epic proportions.

This is music that harkens back to when things were of substance, people made music for the art of making music not for the fame it could bring. Mike Ladd and his cohorts are in there tueest form's as creators and innovators. I deff have to find a copy of that vinyl.

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