Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eye of the Creator...Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino

Is it me or is Donald Glover reminding you more and more of Dev Hayes of Lightspeed Champion every day?

  • Thick Glasses
  • Natural puff of hair
  • Shorty Short pants
  • Now music...

Donald Glover widely known as one of the cast members of the NBC TV show Community, he was also formerly a writer of NBC's other comedy series 30 Rock and as the Black guy who would be Spider-man, he had a ground swell on twitter for him to get in the very least an audition for the part of Peter Parker in the next Spider-Man film, Donald has taken his talents to yet another artform, indie-rap. Taking the name Childish Gambino Donald has released two mixtape's and now an album, "Culdesac" to rave, internet indie rave and La Times, reviews. This guy is getting around quite a lot still being reality underground (in my opinion, internet buzz no withstanding), come on look at him he's a nerd! He just screams NERD! but I digress, he's tracking to break - into what who know he's the new multi-talent. He wears thick black rimmed glasses, acts, has a band, writes, a negro renaissance man all to himself.

Click the album covers below to get to the links to download his music.


Amarachi C. Esowe said...

Wow! I had no idea he did music! First time I saw him was on the show Community. I must say, I am digging his style!

Kaos Blac said...

Best quote from a friend on the topic off of twitter, "...crossed with toro y moi dude crossed with devin kk... They're all morphing into the same blipster!"