Monday, August 30, 2010

Lets Stay Together - A Film by Joshua Bee Alafia (trailer)

Every once in a while there is a movie that moves me. This is going to be the next one. "Lets Stay Together" is a film on the black experience of family and togetherness. The movie a palette of relationships between black men and the family unit and also uses the sub plot of a the character Parker starting a documentary on why black man aren't there, to propel the movie forward and clarify the director's dichotomy of the concepts of Black male abandonment in the family unit. This all comes to a head in the trailer as the Parker seeks to interview Reverend Al Green in reference to a movie prophecy that a new Al Green album could save families. Stating at one point in the trailer during a conversation, with a friend who happens to be played by Jaleel Bunton, parker says, "when Al Green's new album comes's out that all going to fall by the way side" White's character retorts, "oh, oh, yeah remember the Al Green is going to save the world prophecy...everybody's hip to are crazy." Hey what if it where really true, what if all the world was a little "Lets Stay Together" by Al Green to get us through. Music can heal the world and maybe as portrayed in this vignette of emotion and relationships, maybe ii can get use together.

Let's Stay Together Teaser from joshua bee alafia on Vimeo.

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yo, it's so much appreciloved to give the feedback and spread the word! just let me know, and you have a free ticket to a screening near you, fam! your blog is really dope too!