Monday, September 6, 2010

BLK-MLK on my shirt

The troubled minds of UK duo BLK-MLK have just opened up shop and are ready to rock.

- The team of Ollie and Mudi Chris, the dudes behind BLK-MLK

"At Long Last our first Series of T-shirts Has arrived our first four designs are Available to buy NOW from our shop. As you can see there are 4 Designs all pretty different, We decided to keep it simple with just black on white prints for our first drop plus we love white Ts. They are all available in Small, Medium and Large but hurry there are pretty limited numbers at the moment and all have our current logo/label attached." - Ollie

- All Seeing Carton, available in one only

- Milk Maid, Available in white only

- Modesty Evades Us, available in white only

- Bear Heads, available in white only

There is a limited supply so head to the shop and get them pronto

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SABATTA said...

Gotta say bro - ur blog is pretty dope! That articel on fox ny was hilarious!

Keep it up man - loving it!