Wednesday, September 22, 2010

El Malito's Matador, oh lay!

El Malito has been on a odd journey as of late. Aside from making music and theater /street dance he has also been pursuing another of his talents, film making. Currently he is in production of a series of Short's entitled Matador.

: So whats the concept behind "Matador"?

: Matador started as something just for fun. I was tired of live action film making, things like having to find actors, real locations, money, etc. That kind of film making is very hectic, very expensive, and frustrating and it wasn't fun anymore. So I started collecting images from the web and collaging images together. The characters are made up of different parts, for example the lion is a lion head, with a clown wig, a robotic arm, a quilt with female legs, and the body of a Calvin Klein model. The backgrounds are created in the same way for a lot of the scenes. This has allowed me complete creative control with the images(although I bet I'm breaking a trillion copyright laws, but I've started using creative common licensed images so I should be okay, I think).

Anyways, that's how "Matador" started. I made about 13 minutes of it with a very bad, loose story. Then it sat around for a while because I knew what a tremendous undertaking it would be to score and sound design those 13 minutes. Every time I opened it up to start working on it I didn't do a damn thing, plain and simple. Then after watching "Dexter" and "The Tudors" I got the idea to do "Matador" as 30 second clips with recaps at the beginning and that just seemed(and is) much more feasible to finish. Some episodes are a minute long, but again feasible.

As I'm going along putting micro short scenes out weekly the story and themes are becoming much clearer and now I know how it will end and that there is something to it. I like the word "Matador" and decided on it as the title, but now I know what "Matador" means in terms of the theme. This series to me feels like making music(and I'm a musician), particularly jazz(although I'm not a jazz musician) since it's been like free styling without necessarily knowing where it's going, but slowly and surely finding the way. I also think whatever "Matador" turns out to be has been stuck in my subconscious trying to get out and finally it's getting the opportunity.

: How long does each piece take to make?

: Each episode generally take 2-3 hours to complete. They are very short, but it takes time to sync the dialog, ambient sounds, and foley to the images because I'm starting from nothing seeing as this is animation and does not exist in this world. It's pretty time consuming to do animation, especially it's sound design.

: If approached to turn it into a tv show would you jump at the chance?

: I think I would, but I would have to be very honest with the people producing and letting them know I don't know what the hell I'm doing or how and what they will get. Hopefully they'll be open enough to trust something interesting will be unfolded. But good and interesting are not always great bedfellows :)

: So I hope I'm not jumping the gun here but where do you see yourself going with these piece's? Is there a deep meaning behind it all?

: There is a deep meaning in it for me. Maybe it might not be deep for other people, but different strokes...

Anyways, the meaning might hit home when it's viewed completely a little easier, but 'Matador' will finally end up being about trying to be good, starting out good, and the things in this world, the situations, the people who take that goodness out of us.

The following is a recap of the first 7 Matador video's in a single compilation.

For more of El Malito's shorts,(snicker, you'll get the joke soon enough if you havent already) head over to see his video's and for more on his his la musica, check out El Malitos.

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