Friday, October 8, 2010

Beware the Andoird King

Flesh from my flesh they tear at my bones

My heart

My Soul

They want my all spark to power their machinations of power and greed

The wealth of mind

The influence of my variance

The Android King wants to make more of me, cheaply, discreetly

One in every home

One for every thought

I yield not to my assaulter's advances

The horizon is forever and I shall not stop

I shall not sleep, my dreams are too precious to be caught

Not now, not slow, not ever

I am a product that can not be reproduced

I am a with out universal parts

I am not a clean gleaming thing, but I am a dirty pretty thing 

This dirt is soil of the earth, of the now, and not ever

Change is not slow

You cant reproduce an ever changing thing

Fight against the Android King

Fight Against the Android King

by Kaos Blac, 29/09/10

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