Wednesday, November 3, 2010

These are the Breaks.

Ive seen some horrible stuff happen at shows. People hit with chairs, people throwing up on others, people loosing there shoes or clothes (I've done both). But when the artist your there to see has such it a event it could horrifying. The music stops the party halts and the world becomes crystallized in the moment. The artist/musican Voodo Fe' recently had one of those moments, it was a broken foot during one of his CMJ showcases. The following can be a bit squeamish for the weak of heart, not for the break but for the perseverance to continue on still going hard and pulling off his show.

Although a broken man, literally, Voodo Fe' still pushes through. It's something we should all try to do. The following is his multi-song video,(Kanye video premired after, just a side note)long form video. It takes the viewer on a journey from the duldrums of a hard life-style, "Crazy", to the fall out and sobering after effects, "Got to Breath", finally it all comes to ahead with the light of day,"Belief". Note all t-shirts and art work in the video are made my Voodo Fe' himself.

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