Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who is Kaoz Moore?

If your reading this don't be alarmed I haven't had another spit personality escape away from me again and run amok, Kaoz is his own entity. Kevin "Kaoz" Moore is a Cleavland native, currently working outta Minneapolis, who is more than what one man could possibly be. He is a recording artist with ties to the world of spoken word and the echelons of hip-hop. Kaoz is also a actor, and a play-write. To top that off he is also manages the HIV/Health Education program for Pillsbury United Communities. Whew, maybe I'm a defect clone of him? Any way he recently put out a new track in response to the upswing, in the media's reporting of such instances, however they are as prevalent as before, biased and hate mongering that have taken so many lives around us due to "class, race, size, "difference," bullying, discrimination, disenfranchisement, disappointment, despair." The track is called "(Keep It) Human (rmx)" and features Loren Jamal.

If you like the track check out more of his work, Kaoz Online.

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