Friday, February 11, 2011

Artist to Watch....Saga Asad

Every once in a while I come across a music artist that is more than hype and flashy bravado, an artist who wants to share more than your atypical 

Kaos Blac: Who is Saga Asad, what do you represent.

Saga Asad: Well Saga Asad is a man, a brother, a uncle, a musician, a m.c, and most importantly to me a artist I work in multiple mediums to showcase my craft but art is my fuel and music is the vehicle I'm using to express that.

Kaos Blac: Who or what influences you?

Saga Asad: I get the most influence from life itself, my family, the rudimentary day to day things that we tend to overlook in our current day to day lives.

Kaos Blac: Describe your body of work.

Saga Asad: Well I have officially release 2 projects on my own independent imprint Axum Roots Int one being "Saludos En El Nombre Del Rey" which was a folk,reggae,hip-hop fusion project I played guitar on a lot of those tracks had a spoken word piece and most of the album is in spanish.
My second project was "44" which I feel was a re-introduction for myself back into the hip-hop arena, I took a hiatus from hip-hop for like a good 4 years I mean I'm not a fly-by-night dude when it comes to music if scholastic understanding deems that it takes 5 years to master something i.e in college I would have done had my degree in ripping m.i.c.'s. I was fortunate enough to keep my ears to the street and get with a good group of people and the outcome was the "44" e.p I released that almost a year ago.

Kaos Blac: To be a bit topical tell me your thoughts on Egypt and the unrest with the government there if any.

Saga Asad: It's a good thing but then again it's a double edge sword in my humble opinion, Mubarak was in power for how many years? close to 30 so of course the Egyptian people would want a regime change I just hope that the Egyptian people themselves come to their own decision on who that is and not allow outside influences dictate to them who would be the best fit for that position. My heart and my prayers go out to them and all others around the world not afraid to rise up and fight for their rights, fight for what's their's we all want the same things in life. I believe some of us just aren't willing to pay the ultimate price to get back what we deserve and sometimes that's how far you have to take it. 

For more info on Saga Asad check out: Saga Asad's website.

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