Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Closing time...

The Five One have another new video, these guys are beast, this time the the quartet are hitting the streets in Paris, France for the remix cover version of "Closing Time"

This Video takes place mostly in the beautiful city of Paris. When The Five One found out that they were going to be spending a little time in Europe, they took the camera along, got together with some friends in the city, and let Jacque le BLUE (BLUE's Alter Ego) run through the streets of Paris, France to find his mortal enemy VERT Cousteau.

The Original video for Closing Time is undeniably a classic 90s music video and instead of spoofing the video which is what i think most ppl might want and expect, we happened to be in Paris and decided to make use of our scenery and just have fun!

We want to thank Dan Wilson, lead singer of Semisonic, for his kind words and appreciation, along with the kids of Haverford College for showing us major love during every tour stop! - The Five One

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