Monday, July 4, 2011

Artist to watch...Aqeel


The artist know as Aqeel has gone by many names in the past, Blackbird, Monroe Monroe are just a few but now he's stripped away all of the monikers for a more subtle approach to who he is as an artist. Taking cues from past greats Aqeel has set out to take his music back to smaller more intimate settings. I recently found him on a hot summer night performing at Soule in Brooklyn. His set was short and deliberate. Just a tease of what he is currently working on, and a cover. The following is two songs that were performed that night. Enjoy, Aqeel.

The Aqeel original "Coming Down",

Cover of "What a wonderful world"

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The Cake Monologues said...

Ironically, I remember him as Blackbird about 5 years Small world.