Sunday, July 17, 2011

BLACKJACK RETURNS: The New Adventures of Arron Day


 You don't know jack, Blackjack that is. Created by Bronx NY native Alex Simmons comic Blackjack is a centered on Arron Day a African American soldier of fortune in the 1930's.

Blackjack first appeared in comics in 1996 under the banner of DAP (Dark Angel Publishing) Comics. The first three-issue mini-series was called "Second Bite of the Cobra" and introduced Arron to the world. In this story line we meet Arron as an adult in New York City, while events a world away in Egypt cause him to return to the region where he is reunited with Silas Lincoln, a white man from Arkansas and his deceased father's best friend. Together with the beautiful and exotic Maryam and a group of mercenaries, they must defeat a Bedouin warlord threatening peace in the region.

The initial offerings of Blackjack firstly the three issue mini-series, "Second Bite of the Cobra", followed up by "Blood & Honor" were critical success. More adventures were chronicled in the Blaxploitation magazine Bad Azz Mofo as a serial as well as a live recorded adventure, Blackjack: Retribution, for the New York Museum of TV and Radio. That brings us to the now, Alex Simmons is currently working on a new Blackjack adventure and needs funds to give him a kick check out the details below.

Get this book off the ground and kickstart it!

Also check out the Blackjack offical site for more information.

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