Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When the Brooklyn boys come home.

Written by Rape Whistle

When TV On The Radio plays Brooklyn it's more like a bunch of sailors pulling into home port than the 100th stop on a million city tour. You're as likely to be standing next to their friends, like Kanye West, as a ironically outfitted art rocker from no-wheres-ville that will never get his sea legs in the big city. The band's slowest dirge is still a wall of frenetic sound, every instrument indecipherable from the next, backed by keyboards that belch Dave Andrew Sitek's copy-written static.

Brooklynites, long spoiled by free summer concerts like TVOTR's 2007 gritty show at the McCarren Pool in Williamsberg, paid for an elaborate light show and large patchwork backdrop giving the perfect scenery for Tunde's body whips, Gerard Smith's wolf blanket and Kipps enigmatic stage presence.

TV on the Radio @ Prospect Park 8/11/09
"Young Liars"
(low quality sound)

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