Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artist to watch...Panda Panda

It's always fun to see a friend perform live, whats even more special is to be at there first live show! I'm proud to present to you Panda Panda a punk rock duo primed to tar n feather you in tuff love.

Lucky for me I got ask the vocalist, Ebony Brown, a few questions about the band, check out show footage and photo's after.

Kaos Blac: How did you come together as a band, and why just a two piece vocal and guitar.

Ebony Brown: Noah and I met a while back when I lived in LA. I was a model itching to become a vocalist. He was living in NY making really dope music under the name MISO. We kept in touch and after a few years, I moved out to Brooklyn, determined to work with him. Our early collaborations fused Hip Hop, Rock, and all types of crazy sounds and samples. We made some really cool experimental stuff but ultimately we just wanted to rock! We both love Bad Brains and that's pretty much where the inspiration started. Luckily, Noah plays every instrument so it made it easy to get the sound we wanted. Unfortunately, it ain't so easy to lock down good musicians in this town. But thanks to technology we're still able to play shows without a full band. It's actually pretty convenient at the moment.

Kaos Blac: How would you describe your sound?

Ebony Brown: I'd describe our sound as Hardcore, Sexy, Punk Rock with a pinch of Grunge.

Kaos Blac: when can we expect some more music?

Ebony Brown: We're still in the studio writing and recording. My psychic eye is telling can expect more Panda Panda soon...the end of summer!

-Photo by Saman Nahid

- Photo by Saman Nahid

If you like what you see check out some music by the band.

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