Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fashion Night Out 2011

Fashion night out was criminally crowded. The streets were packed, stores over flooded with the whos who of fashion. I almost didn't make it to the particular event I was heading to after seeing the throngs of people milling about the Soho streets like fashion zombies on the hunt for the next free/deal at X-Y-Z insert your choice of store. As luck would have it I made it to the MAC Cosmetics store on time, a first, and got to get in up front, with a glass of wine no less, to see Beth Ditto perform. And perform she did even if it was a four song set it still shook the foundation, pun intended.

 I ran into the lovely Tangerine Jones, burlesque performer extraordinaire, dress to the gills and ready to shimmy and shake to the bellows of Ms. Ditto.
 I can't even lie and say who I know he is, he's a talking head of MAC Cosmetics who announced Beth to the stage.

There she is the diva herself Beth Ditto in a rainbow lace dress.

After the show, and a few more drinks, I got to milling about and took a few parting shots.

 JD from Le Tigre showed up.

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