Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Cooler Side of BLUE

If you follow my blog you know I'm a huge fan of DMV group The Fiveone, and it was a huge surprise to me when I found out that drummer, BLUEfiveone was leaving the band and striking out on his own. The groups members take their names after colors as a way to abstract personality from their art and just be a color, an abstract based on it's definition in this case the art of music.  For years now he has been keeping the rhythn going and now he was making the leap to drop beats of his own drum and step awy from behind the kit and take center stage upfront in the blue lime light. I had a Blac to Blue moment with the break out to find out why he's leaving, where he's going and will he still feel blue.

Kaos Blac: My diddy it's time for a Blac to Blue moment. Mind answering some questions for an interview?

BLUEfiveone: Lets DO THIS! Im all about it.

Kaos Blac: I've know you for years now as you have been the drummer for The Fiveone why the change, are you leaving the group for good?

BLUEfiveone: Ive always been a lyrist. So making my own music isnt that much of a change. I didnt leave the group either. I was cut off. Personal issues with me and GREEN made working together too difficult for GREEN.
- BLUEfiveone and GREENfiveone, Oct 2010
It took about 3 months before the other 2 COLORS, (RED and GOLD), along with him decided I was the most expendable COLOR in the band. "If you leave nothing changes but if I leave this whole band is different" is what GREEN said to me and a few hours later I was removed as an admin and all the passwords to our band sites were changed. I tried to find a more friendly and fair break via email for 3 more months. It took 2 months to get my access restored and only a month after that a conversation with just GREEN lead to them locking me out a second time. I don't see us getting back together.

Kaos Blac: So that's it then for you and The Fiveone. Now that your out what do you feel about the work you did with the band? Will The Fiveone still be The Fiveone without you in the sense of creative intellect concerning the music. Will that music be play by what ever new lineup comes after your departure?

BLUEfiveone: I feel great about the work I did with the Band. I've always expressed myself truthfully in the music so I don't see it as anything less than great music. The Five One is something more than music. It never represented a band to me, it represented my family and has been that way since I was 6 yrs old and I moved to VA. I've added to that family and when I started making music with GREEN at 11 it only made sense to be something I've been my whole life. I think whatever they do as the three of them will be different in both sound and feel. I'm not sure what they plan to do about the music as I am no longer in communication with anyone after the last lock out. But I dont have any ill wishes for them musically. I think that GREEN is very talented and will continue to make decisions that he sees is fit for his plan for The Five One. I don't see them being able to replace what I brought lyrically or in the Live show with someone else. BLUE is nothing something that gets replaced. And I dont think they will look to do that. The are more than likely, from what I know of them, find the best way to get the sound they are looking for.

Kaos Blac: So tell me more about what your working on moving forward?

BLUEfiveone: Its a busy process but basically Im just going to continue being BLUEfiveone. Im going to be making music that reflects more on me and my view of the world. Its been great being able to flap my wings and explore music alot more. I will be using Live insturuments with a band that I hand picked. BLUE County is the name of the project and the band. And Im just excited to share some music with everyone. Though getting in touch with fans I have with thefiveone will be a lil difficult. Im just focusing on getting the word out about my sites and the project and putting out the best music I can.

Kaos Blac: Okay, so do you feel that using the name BLUEfiveone your going to capitalize on your previous notoriety with The Fiveone to make a name for yourself and your new project, or is it a matter of fact that it's just who you are?

BLUEfiveone: Its both to be honest. BLUE is what I am. Fiveone has been my tag name since before the band existed.. I'm going to die BLUEfiveone. On the flip side even if I was to change my name to BLUE Chocolate it only make sense to capitalize on the notoriety I've alREady established with the band.

The Fiveone in The Washington Post
Kaos Blac: And what happens when the music you helped craft with the band gets even more recognized after the fact?

BLUEfiveone: Its still music I was a part of and I dont see it as bad. I would promote and support those projects in some way.

Kaos Blac: So what will the sound be of Blue County and when can we expect some music?

BLUEfiveone: Its Hip Hop. Just a very polished and lyrical style of Hip Hop. Im excited to put out some music, but as of right now I don't have any dates. I do hope to put out a single by the close of the year though.

Kaos Blac: Well I can't wait to hear it when it does. Thanks for the time, any parting words, vital info to share?

BLUEfiveone: Just to share the link to my site, and facebook page, BLUE51, as much as possible. I have to build a entirely new network so all help is appreciated. And I'll be sure to send that track to you once its REady to be dropped.

Kaos Blac: I'll be waiting, and ready to share my thought on it to the world.

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