Saturday, October 22, 2011

We All Love Drugs...and Great Music.

No I haven't taken up a coke habit, I still only ascribe to the vice of listening to music and that what I this week at the Delancey at the Shout It Out Loud Music/Box Of Milk Recordings show case.

My homies from Chi-town rolled in deep and took over the stage. I may not be a heavy hip-hop head but I appreciate what they do as a art, can you put your heart and soul on stage inftont of the world to see? I was a wet cold night to being with so people were already crotchety not to memtion when I got there there were these...I don't know what they where, a kiddie ukulele children of the corn type band on stage so that kinda killed the atmosphere of the room and everything that would proceed after. Thankfully Chi-town came through and killed it. Young Live started it off and got it LIVE.

Young Live

Vyle and Young Live
The homie Vyle stepped up to the mic next,

Then finally I got to see you fucking Don P rip the mic.

The night didn't end there the after party featured burlesques acts including my favortie performer Dame CuchiFrita.

You can't beat a night during CMJ with music, burlesque and great friends.

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