Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ceremony That Lacks Substance

Marcher during the Village Halloween parade

What is the real accomplishment of being in a park encamped in the financial district. So the 1%er Michael Bloomberg hasn't broken up the occupation, so what. That is all that I can see from where I'm sitting. What is message being broadcast by having the worlds eye on this occupation and other movements around the country and world. What are the aspirations of change, the seeds of growth that they hope to plant and grow from it. What is the point? The following quotes from Dr. John Henrik Clarke speaking of the another movement, the Million Man March, characters my feelings for our current Occupy Wall street movement.

"Marching is a strategy, and I think we have gotten enough out of the strategy. I think the march is a a waste of shoe leather, gas, and energy...I'm saying there is more to liberation than throwing your fist in the air, there is more to progress than marching...We're doing show biz liberation and that's not liberation."

There needs to be grown work laid other than sitting in the cold. Sitting can only get you so far, you have to stand up at some point.

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