Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For The Newer You Than You​.​.​.

It's been a long time we heard from Marlon and Siddhartha but they are back with a new single. I hit him up to discuss the tracks on "For The Newer You Than You...".

Kaos Blac: So I noticed that the single release is called "For The Newer You Than You..." but it's a line in "Is Not What I Used To Be". Why did you decide to select that line as a encircling tag to bind together the two songs on the release.

Marlon Hauser: I wanted the music to transform people to create what I would call a new dispensation of language, to start to try to create a new way of looking at the world in which we inhabit....

Kaos Blac: The first track, Don't Look Back Or You'll Turn To Salt, has a very earthy blue grass twang to it and to me reads like a mantra, it like you have to let go and don't get lost in the past. What where you going for with this song?

Marlon Hauser: Exactly what you just described man...seriously you have a good ear.....

Kaos Blac: Thanks, as for the second track, "Is Not What I Used To Be", it's more ethereal and in-between a stream of consciousness. It really exemplifies a state of musical nirvana to me. Buy chance since the band is named Siddhartha I wanted to know if you are a practicing Buddhist?

Marlon Hauser: I practice peace and spreading joy...Its free and easy to do, It doesn't cost you anything you know?....Imagine if you walked the streets constantly thinking I want to spread joy......

Kaos Blac: That's a nice idea, especially with what's going on around the country. We can only hope for a joyous tomorrow.

So with out further fanfare I want everyone reading this to check out the Siddhartha's latest,

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