Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy All Streets

photo from occupyallstreets.us/ 

With the events of the Occupy wall street movement brewing around I can't help but think of the slogan "Occupy All Streets." Jay Z was going to use the slogan on t-shirts by his rocawear clothing line. However none of the money made from the sale of the tees would be going towards any protest or commuinty based organization. Sure I looked at this as "look at this mother fucker capitalist," but hey where in America and that is what the country is about. However reading a friends status update I've changed my mind,

"i'm with Jay OCCUPY ALL STREETS!! and i'm sick and tired of this wall street bullshit. how many of those privileged protesters give a fuck about everyone who been struggling all this time in NYC? what about the people too broke to get downtown to protest? what about all the parents that have to raise their kids in shelters because NYC would rather floss than see its people stable. Why aren't we more concerned with occupying ALL STREETS OF NYC to show solidarity. So brother, go head, get your money and thank you for saying something that matters to the rest of us."- Trezure Empire.

I agree what about any-street usa, Fuck that what about 125 street in Harlem, what about Malcolm X in Brooklyn, what about Grand Concourse in the Bronx, the project, the broken homes, poor schools, what about the streets that the homeless are sleeping on right now. The Occupation is a great movement but as I said before we can need to do so much more. 

We need to rally around our neighborhoods and build from there.

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