Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Can End AIDS Mobilization

I hit the ground running yesterday as I awoke from my bed, after two hours of sleep, and dragged worn and tired carcass towards the shower then out the door. I was running late and where I live I have to walk a few blocks to the nearest train station if there is no bus en route. Being that it was just a bit after 3 am I knew I had to hit the pavement. The thing about MTA service around that time of the night is it's hit or miss, hit if you reach your station and the train is minutes away or miss and you just missed the train and you'll have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the next arriving train that time frame is exasperated by trying to make a connecting train. As I made my way through the transit system to my destination of  LGBT center in the west village I kept thinking about why I was going to join up with others in Washington DC to march through a foreign city to a uncertain my mind it was all because of faith.

Faith in our numbers en mass we can accomplish a movement to push law makers to see the cost; symbolically; of how much it could to supply generic drugs;


 to see that taxation with out representation as in the case with DC natives is wrong;


 to see that Wall Street shouldn't be the ones in charge of policies;


to see we as a now global community will not stand idle as war is raged upon women, sex workers, the LGBTQ community.

As I arrived in Washington I was let off my bus at the convention center. I didn't know what was going on in the halls of the convention center where the International AIDS 2012 speeches where given, who was there, the ideas bantered being about from ear to mouth but I knew what was going on in the streets.


Feet were marching, butts were sitting in the street, at times ringing bells, because yes WE NEED MORE COW BELL.  

Getting my photo taken was great, who wouldn't want to show off something great to put up on your facebook wall or that your in the local or national paper but it's more than my own superficial vanity in posturing and nourishing my psyche it's about showing support for myself, friends, family. Its about doing something anything to ease the pain of those dealing with so much. We are greater than this crisis. The end of multiple groups marches throughout the city of DC ended up at the gates of the White House and tied red ribbons to the gates along with times that symbolically are tied to the ends of the epidemic: money, drugs, condoms, policies.   


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