Friday, August 17, 2012


You always wondered what happened after Yogi and Boo-boo became tired of going after picnic baskets? Well they went after picnickers. Cute and cuddly my ass. From the bloodlust dense brush of Jolly stone park to the wilds of Jersey came WEREBEARS. Well that's how it plays out in my mind anyway I asked Daryl Shelton aka WEREBEARS about how he came about.

Kaos Blac: So well me about Werebears? where Do they come from I can see Yogi and Boo-boo going on a rampage and biting people. How did Werebears come about?

WEREBEARS: This motherfucker was a werewolf with a dirty habit, feel me?

Kaos Blac: LOL, So then you started to pick up a guitar and rock the forest huh?

WEREBEARS: Exactly. I got the moss game on lock down.

Kaos Blac: You have a new video out entitled Locals, it's off of the Roar Album. Tell me whats it about.

WEREBEARS: The album is like a vignette of what WEREBEARS is doing. Literally plays on the dichotomy of hard digital and warm analog music. That play goes further into the sort of vocals between really honest and harsh lyrics sung but a really sweet dude voice. And that voice comes out of my heinous mug. All themes associated with WEREBEARS are contrary to each other and Roar is the first exhibit of that with the band.

So there you have it, WEREBEARS a mixture of cute and cuddly with tough as nails. Click the link below to pre-order the WEREBEARS album Roar.

Finally take a look at the latest WEREBEARS video, LOCALS


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