Monday, March 25, 2013

Dem Boys Real Rockers, an' Mash up de Place!

It's been a loooooong time since I made my way back to you via this outlet, I'm shouldn't of left you with out a dope beat to step to :) Well I'm back and re-energized. I been hitting the streets with my ears to the pavement for some new tunes and I'm liking what I'm hearing.

So you must be wondering, "why heavens, why does he speak in such a manner, I haven't the foggiest what the title of this post says" well this post goes out to all my brothers and sisters out in the Caribbean and it's diaspora who are mixing up their island heritage and rock'n'roll. There have been a few great examples of this mixture in the past most notably Bad Brains,

The Washington, D.C., natives formed the group in 1977 mixed what was the early formation of "Hardcore" punk rock, a fast, jarring and angler sound filled with riffs and attitude; with dub reggae taken up after seeing performers such as Bob Marley.

Well so have UK band Skindred who formed in the late '90's they have a dancehall/metal approach as to the brains are more ragga/dub/punk.

There are a who host of other great bands out there who rep it up island style but I wan to get to the focus of this piece. This new crop of bands as they rip-pit tup! Lets start with this band from my home town Khasha Macka.
A great outfit carrying on the tradition from Brooklyn NY. Very heavy stuff and full of heart and soul.

Next up is Philly's Blayer PointDuJour and the Rockers Galore.
Blayer and his rockers galore do something unique out of the previous groups I mentioned. They mix Haitian Kompa music. They style of music is indicative of Haiti and much of the Caribbean. It's hard for me to  explain it to someone who isn't of Caribbean background, when you hear it you have an idea what it. Until hearing this band I had no idea what the word for the "sound" was, I just thought oh that's Haitian music. It's very interviewed, from my perspective, with the culture.

Next is a band smack dab in the Caribbean, TnT's (that's Trinidad and Tobago) 5 Miles to Midnight.
Founded in the mid 2000's this Trini sextet does straight up post punk. Hey just because they're from the Caribbean doesn't mean they have to be ragga ragga, calypso and soca all the time (although they can do that too). In their time as a band they have opened for the likes of Marcel Mantano, Stephan Marley and Maroon 5. Their have infectious bopping tunes have also catapulted them to being featured  MTV Iggy. Vote for them to be artist of the week.

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