Monday, April 14, 2008

Emmanuel Jal/ The Thirst: Music, Videos, movies, genocide?

Ok, so if you heard of these albums, "Gua" or "Ceasefire" its in your "world section" of the record store, bah, then you know the Sudanese Hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal. The "Cease fire" album the album also features Addel Gadir Salim, a arab artist. That point of bring up the comparison of the two is important because if you haven’t noticed there is war raging in the country of Sudan. Please do not go off to read wikipedia about what is going on in the region. Do your own research for cripes sake. Its more than north and south, or as I read on wikipedia, bloods and cripes ( to local USA gangs) that was a bit out of context of the statement but I’m using it any way, there are just so many things going on building up. Its crazy but back to one of my previous point "Ceasefire is dope! check out Gamearina. I don’t have a clue what they’re saying but I like the flow it hooks you in.

As for Emmanuel Jal, he has been keeping busy with his new single WAR CHILD. It transverses the conflict which is going on all over Sudan. Growing up in Sudan Jal was force to become a child solider an as a result The film, WAR CHILD, is his story. Also If you live in NYC the film will be playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is getting rave reviews. Lets hope that translates into more than just accolades.

check out the trailer at: War Child Movie
Tribeca Film Festival Showtimes of WAR CHILD

Emmanuel Jal’s myspace page

Kos Om, (I hope I used that right.)

PS check out the Smyrk’s own ode to the conflict in Sudan with the song, "Shot and Buried Sudan" off of the Monsters on maple street ep.

The smyrk’s "Shot and buried" is only 99 cents so take advantage.

Oi Oi Oi

Get ready to move with the new video for The Thirst’s latest single

"Ready To Move"

also one more for the road,

"My Everything"

The Thirst


peace love music

Kaos Blac

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