Monday, April 14, 2008

Have a ball...Or two, maybe make them green.

hey I'm finally getting the hang of this blogspot crap. Oh well I Have some video's I want to share with you that are out side of my myspace blog cause I have tons of stuff. oh well here we go...


This is their hawht track Flawless

and also this one by them


The Ones


For more of a rock vibe with your lady like Glam you have to get.....

This is their video for seventeen.

This music speaks for it self. Glam rock will smack you with its cock.


Check out these guys. They're friends of mine I found them on a comp called "ENERGY ACTION COALITION", its from the Green Owl Label. Its an enironmently friendly label they ride around in a big veggie oil fueled bus and um thats dope, and green friendly. LOL. The band is a mix of instnt vintage hits. Its like 60's blues/funk/psychedelica. Heavy stuff.

Here some video of the london Soulsat SXSW ya dig,

The London Souls

This video is about the label.

Green owl

as always i gotta run and pee, laterz.

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