Monday, October 6, 2008

Kevin, Dottie, B.P., James, Ahmed Davey
Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab- Black dude!!

Ahmed is a long time friend of mine and he's more than the black in in Of Montreal he's also Sinkane. I met him by chance during one year at SXSW kept in contact with him, even though I surprisingly already knew his sister on myspace and didn't know they were related. LOL. How random could that be that we met up in such a a far way place and have a connection.

Turned out he was also working for the Fader magazine as a promoter from out Columbus Ohio Ahmed. Along with his sister Azza, they were the "black kids" in the neighborhood growing up. Coming from a Sudanese background and surrounded by white folk they dealt with a lot of confusion growing up but thanks to there family they held it together till adult hood. LOL. Ahmed while trying to find him self turned to music as an outlet. First as a local Dj and drummer then on to a party promoter even hosting a screening of the Afro-Punk documetry in his own town. After being on the scene for a while and being in countless bands he caught a break and got himself a deal as Sinkane to Emergency Umbrella records in the Midwest and put out his opus:

You can get that online but you can get his first his first release here for free,


The best way I could describe Sinkane's music would be to say it is Ambient psych-prong-afro-beat at its best. iIhave his first album and its a bit down tempo for the rockers but it still makes me lurch forward with resounding cataclysym as the songs arch and echo through my speakers.

I also have some new music form Sinkane so check it out! Sinkane Live @ Wexner

When asked about the recording ahmen said that, "all songs from this recording will be featured on the next LP in some way, shape or form. the new album has been fully recorded and mixed by Mark Himmel, John Fintel and myself at relay recordings in Columbus, oh. It is self titled. Mark and I camped out at relay for three days and tracked the entire record with little sleep. I'm very proud of the results. The album is an ode to my influences." So check out the music and catch him on tour with Of Montreal.

Before I go I have this for you: free track "Ambient Weeks"

Check him out on tour with Of Montrael and when ever he comes to your area as Sinkane.


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