Thursday, November 6, 2008

Niggaz With Gratitude...

"Excuse me? What did you just call me!" Is what I say when ever somebody just throws the N-word up at me. Obviously they didn't know I'm not a fan of the word and even less amused when they think its ok to say any form of it to me as a greeting. I'm bring this up because of a recent friend request on another social network by a band named, NIGGAZ WITH GRATITUDE, I though...."ok...humm they have a black power fist as part of there logo maybe its a social statement."

So I clinked on the link to their page. Their background is of a Black power fist, so i though "ok cool oh and they play Rock / Hardcore / Punk sweet! To bad they didnt have music up." I clicked on to their pictures, just to make sure they weren't some random non-black band fronting.

Lucky they weren't,

Ok so they're black, I went to read they're bio and got this....its a dozy,

"We are Niggaz With Gratitude. Based in Atlanta, Ga, we combine Hip Hop, Punk, Rock, Jazz and a few other genres to culminate our sound. Why name a group of black rockers, Niggaz With Gratitude? Because we are united as a band to say out loud, in our songs, that we are proud to be African Americans. We are forever thankful to White people for bringing our Black ancestors to this wonderful country of America. It is truly the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. As long as you pay your taxes of course... Seriously though, If our ancestors weren't stolen and enslaved into this country we would still be in Africa. We're happy to not be there. HIV, poverty and Maleria would be our only options. Here we have everything. And it's because of White people that we do. We know our message might be a little unconventional, but every African American says what we say to themselves. We just have the balls to say it out loud! If we come to your town you will get ROCKED! We are on a mission from God to take rock music back for the people."-Niggaz with graditude

Yeah they got ball alright to much in there mouth that they went crazy of cum. OK! I dont know about you but I for one am not happy for white peoples intervention in the world. No one ethnic group of people have been more destructive to what they have come across on the planet. I'm not saying that they are all the same but if your in the herd and know your going for the cliff and continue on don't you deserve to fall of the cliff also. I just cant reconcile their stance on american "race" relations. For the love of mike we have,

- Outside in Harlem when OBAMA won!

If were not discussing the term nigger then we should have to subject each other to its usage.
If you want to find out for your self check out.

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